ACT/SAT Intermediate Test Preparation Course

ACT/SAT Intermediate Test Preparation Course

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  • 5 Week intermediate habit adjusting course (1 class per week)
  • Teaches habits that apply to SAT, ACT and all future testing throughout the course of the students' educational years
  • Live online, interactive courses with small classroom sizes
  • Requirements: Access to a laptop with forward facing camera & microphone or cell phone/tablet, pencil/pen & paper, must be in a location that has a wifi connection and is suitable for study/class time

This course is a prerequisite to the Advanced Test Preparation Course

Course Curriculum:

      1. In Depth Reading Habits (1.5 hours)
      2. In Depth English Habits (1.5 hours)
      3. In Depth Science Habits (1.5 hours)
      4. In Depth Math Habits (1.5 hours)
      5. In Depth Writing Habits (1.5 hours)