When Should I Begin Prepping For The Standardized Exams?

  • To be successful on these very important tests, one must have the right habits in place to achieve the ultimate success.  So, we recommend that by ninth grade, students should be actively honing their test taking and study skills habits. Do not let these tests sneak up on you.  Build the right habits early on, and you will reach the heights that your brilliant mind is capable of.

Should I Take the ACT or the SAT?

  • The truth is, that most universities take both exams’ scores.  We at JCB Educational Services prepare you for both of them. They are so very similar, that if you prepare for one, you are preparing for both.  Do not limit your options. Look at them both as conduits to your future.

How Much Time Per Week Should I Plan On Spending While Prepping?

  • Our classes are set up for 1.5-2.0 hours per week for a reason.  After many years of meeting with students of different grade levels, ages, and abilities, we have discovered that these classes are the optimal length for ensuring retention while keeping the sessions entertaining and engaging.  Unless a student has only just recently begun preparing for these tests and is a senior with only one or two tests left at her/his disposal, another 1.5 hours of “practice” outside of our online classroom is all that is truly needed.  For those “last minute” seniors, they may benefit from a tad more time per week to build their confidence and solidify the necessary habits.

How Does The Online Classroom Work?

  • Online classrooms are not a thing of the future...they are the way of the present...and they are amazing!  Your live instructor is present with you in real time...instructing, answering questions and engaging with students from wherever they choose to login.  You will receive a link via email, and then you just click it a minute or so prior to class time, and we go live! As long as you have a wi-fi connection and a laptop (preferred) or smart phone with a camera and microphone, you will be in an online classroom...while sitting in the comfort of your own home or wherever you deem most comfortable.

To answer questions not covered in our FAQ's, please feel free to email us your questions... Please email: info@jcbedu.com